Webics - Virtual World for Children


    I want to introduce Webiki ( www.webiki.ru ) - this is an educational virtual world focused on children 5-12 years old.
    The site space is designed so that the child will explore it with interest, imperceptibly learning the basics of computer literacy. We have a child in a safe and gaming environment will learn such concepts as mail and chat, and will also pass an educational game on the topic of what can and cannot be done on the Internet.

    Interactive games will not only entertain the child, but also help them learn to read and count, learn flags and capitals of other countries, paintings by famous artists, develop memory, attention, logic.

    The site is absolutely safe for children, there is no advertising, the stay of the child is easily controlled by parents.

    In addition to the children's part of the site, there is also a parental interface through which parents can see what the child is playing, communicate with each other and much more. Soon, in the parental interface, it will also be possible to limit the time a child spends on the site.

    We work so that our children can easily adapt to life in the modern world.

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