News about the Skolkovo project

    Today I read on-line the latest news about the Skolkovo project in the Kommersant newspaper: “Dmitry Medvedev, during a meeting of the Presidential Modernization Commission in Khanty-Mansiysk yesterday, announced that the head of the Renova group of companies, Viktor Vekselberg, will head the innovation center in Skolkovo from the Russian side. The choice of a businessman in the presidential administration is explained by the fact that “it’s better not to entrust the official with it. “The government was invited to work out the issue of a special legal regime for Skolkovo within a month.” .

    Thus, after the “eggs”, Felix Solomonovich was strained by innovative business. This is not to say that business has always shown itself to be excellent as an administrator of state projects and federal entities, but the example of, say, Abramovich or Khloponin is quite encouraging in the case of Vekselberg.

    There is also interesting economic news. Firstly, an interesting thought slipped through: “install insurance payments in a fixed amount - 4.8 thousand rubles. per month per employee ” , as well as tax holidays, VAT at will, etc. Obviously, such measures will lead to a significant "whitening" of business in the Russian silicone valley. A white spot will come out, one can say, on the gray background of domestic business reality.

    Before that, I came across what they tried to make a semblance of innovation zones. An attempt to find at least somehow responsible for this failed. Not answering phones, heaps of closed doors and busy officials. If there is no interest on the other side, no project can earn.

    Is there any interest at the moment? I think more than the previous time. Firstly, it is not the official or member of EdRa who answers. This means that demand from him is not like “from his own”. There is demand - there is responsibility, and - interest. Secondly, the project is very impressive and highly publicized. And they will remember it.

    As for my personal opinion - I do not like the project. I do not like, first of all, the location. I think that the government and the administration understand this. But they are afraid. They are afraid that no one will rush, say, to the Krasnodar Territory, just as they did not rush to the Altai and Kaliningrad to build casino gaming magnates. This fear and self-doubt can lead to half the success of the enterprise. That is, something there may and will be, but we are unlikely to find Russian Oracles, Microsoft and Eppels.

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