Moedls: smartphone + laser = 3D scanner

    3D printing is rapidly gaining popularity. More and more affordable printers are appearing. But the development of 3D models is still a big problem. Enthusiasts are forced to create them in special editors, which requires some skills and a lot of time, or use the services of paid services. Engadget Inventor John Fehr Introduces Insert Coin

    Project Contest Held by Engadgeta hardware-software complex that allows you to turn any smartphone running iOS or Android into a 3D scanner. In fact, in addition to a special program for a smartphone, the kit includes a rotating platform and a laser. John claims that the cost of all parts does not exceed $ 300. The author plans to launch his project on Kickstarter in the near future. I think if the cost of the end device does not exceed the same $ 300, this device can become a worthy alternative to the scanner from MakerBot .

    UPD: CAJAX nadibal video:

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