Higher education, non-representative sample

    The topic of education in Russia haunts me. I will give a short story from personal experience. I do not pretend to be objective, therefore I named the topic accordingly.

    So, 6 years ago, I was actively interested in everything related to computers, and therefore, as a future work, only one option seemed to me - a programmer. Finishing grade 11 at a local lyceum, I was faced with the problem of choosing a faculty. Yes, it’s precisely the faculty, since the university in Saransk is de facto one.

    I counted two “faculties for programmers” - these are matfak and FET. Having entered the matfak, I and my new classmates listened to the dean’s fiery speech that we all made the right choice, if only because even the banks personally offer the current matfak graduates a job for 15 000 r per month (yes, this is good money considering time - 6 years ago, the city - Saransk and age - 22 years at the time of graduation, plus the lack of experience).

    What happened as a result - one person from my group works as a programmer, two opened the CISCO network academy, but I switched to freelance, which I started working from the third year. The listed people had grades, well, let's say, not for an increased scholarship.

    But a good half of the remaining graduates are still sitting without work. Moreover, they are all quite intelligent guys, but as for me - they became a victim of the modern education system. No joke, one of them works as a taxi driver.

    My conclusion from this story is that if you want to get a normal life, then you should not hope for a higher education. On the contrary, it is better to completely (or as far as possible, so as not to be expelled) shift your efforts from higher education to self-education, since the advent of the Internet, even in deep Mordovian forests, is no longer a problem.

    I have no doubt that Russia certainly has excellent universities and excellent specializations, but in this particular case it is clearly not about them, alas.

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