Data Storage with 64 TB Flash

    The Texas Memory System introduced a server rack with 64 TB of high-speed flash memory on board. The device (they didn’t seem to be given a name) is capable of performing up to 800 thousand I / O operations per second. Total rack throughput is 12 GB per second. The power consumption of this monster is 2.5 kW.

    A rack of eight RamSan-500 units has been compiled , each with a speed of about 100 thousand I / O operations per second and a throughput of 1.5 GB per second. Such indicators are also achieved by the presence of 16 to 64 GB of DDR memory for each unit.

    The device is not only smart, but also convenient. So, an array of flash drives supports hot swapping. At the same time, according to the Texas Memory System, data integrity is maintained, and the array is rebuilt in less than 15 minutes.

    As areas of application for a high-performance array, the Texas Memory System sees working with the rendering and editing of video content, as well as the use of huge databases for processing.

    via TGDaily

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