Dedicated to all haters

    The response to my chatter was interesting ... There are two kinds of comments that I would like to answer:

    1) “It seems that he bothers quite a lot - he really delves into everything and hacks. I have no idea how this can be simple, and certainly it’s not something that the “end user” may encounter. ”
    Such a response can come only from users who work exclusively on clearly defined platforms - HTML, iOS, Android, Flash, Ruby, Node, Python, Java. To be able to work at such a level is, of course, wonderful - but in order to really enjoy the process, you need to work at the POSIX level - it is not confused, it is normal. Using LD_LIBRARY_PATH or volatile variables is common for many programmers. I did not say anything about “end users”. We are all users.

    2) “Welcome to adulthood!”, “The goof NodeJS developer whines that UNIX turns out to be complicated."
    I am far from new to programming. At my company, where most people work on KVM, ZFS, or Solaris Zones, my modest status in the world of system development is pretty obvious. Nevertheless, I understand something in such matters. This post was not a reaction to the first steps in learning about dynamic link searches. And he was not about the fact that I was pissed off all week by the D-Bus. I fight systems like this every day. I deeply respect professional software developers such as Robert Mustacchi, Trent Mick and Dave Pacheco, who dive into shit every day without complaining and come up with success. Day after day I strive (for the most part successfully?) To the same silent slope. So yes, I'm really a sucker when it comes to software, but not with respect to the things I have listed.

    I understand that our software infrastructure is extremely powerful and flexible, and that all the difficulties with it pay off in full. As a member of my team, we are pretty hard at work to provide Node users with a friendly working environment. They create useful sites with its help - they enjoy working with Node - so we work hard for good reason.

    From time to time it is interesting to step back and look at the bedlam in general. Are you so ossified that you can't think of anything better? Can't you imagine a world in which a person could work with their own code without the principle of volatile variables? Can't imagine an operating system with just the integrated IPC-Bus? Do you really believe that this cannot be done otherwise?

    The POSIX software infrastructure is not perfect, but it is getting better with every new addition we make for it: whether it is the glib object model or special characters in your tester. We need to program as if we were sitting on a pile of crutches the height of a twenty-story building - because user-friendly Unix is ​​just that.

    And although I am embarrassed by my apparently epithet-rich stream of words, I do not regret having spoken. The infrastructure of our software is hard to handle. Could be better. And it seems to me that nine hundred + 1 means that people agree with me.


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