Down with gloss 2.0

    My first topic on this topic showed that not everyone is ready to paint and color netbooks. Many are very conservative in their views on technology, but they still disapprove of gloss. Especially for them, I publish the second version of the topic. How to get rid of the gloss on the lid, but leave a decent look netbook. Moreover, the view will be even better than with a glossy surface (at least it seems to me).

    And so, the decision to simply paint with spray paint is not the best one. Paints do not all fit well on plastic, you need a primer. Yes, and most of them will make the surface as glossy. Plus, the coating of such paints is not very resistant to wear. But there is a way.

    Here is this primer-enamel, especially for plastic:

    Degrease the netbook cover. We seal with masking tape in two stages. First, the lower part separately, so that the paint does not exactly get inside.

    Next, glue along the very edge of the cover so that the paint does not stick the cover to the screen panel. Otherwise, it will then not be taken apart (suddenly needed).

    We apply as in the instructions, evenly and from a distance of 30-35cm. Otherwise, minor blemishes of painting are possible.

    This enamel will ultimately create an excellent-to-touch relief! I am enclosing a macro photo of the netbook so that it’s clear what I’m talking about (this is a closed netbook, a cover with paint on top):

    Here’s a more general view:


    UPDATE: Dear Khabrovites, publish your research in this area!

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