Interview with Oleg Krylov, who fixed the famous hotkey bug in the Fire Fox

    Let me remind you that Oleg Krylov is the author of the first bug fix for Mozilla products as part of the Money for Bug Fixes program. After paying the fee, Oleg kindly agreed to answer some of our questions.

    Oleg, tell us a little about yourself, about what you do.
    I am 25 years old, born and raised in Riga (Latvia). I graduated with a degree in Telecommunications, I also work in a
    specialty - a software engineer for broadcasting and telephony automation systems.

    Have you previously participated in any open source projects, and if so, which ones?
    Not directly. There are several accepted patches for the wine project. In my free time, I pick a little of Gnome / Mozilla / wine, as time permits I will send patches, it is the process of accepting the code in the main branch that takes the most time and requires constant attention.
    Oh, I completely forgot, I once had my own open projects related to 3D games, for example, the port of the old game once familiar to many Win32 wolf3d

    How did you find out about the program “Money for fixing bugs”?
    On the site I visit him daily.

    How long did the development and testing of the patch take?
    Net development time is hard to calculate. I first became interested in this problem about a year ago, after about
    how I crawled to work on Linux, I began to look at how I can fix something that does not suit me in the system (a big plus Open Source). Then when I found out about the program, I dug up my changes and brought them to an acceptable form, correcting the comments of the project members - it took about a month.

    What tools were used when writing the patch?
    The compiler is of course gcc, the C / C ++ language, of course, this is dictated by the project. IDE - Eclipse, for quick and easy editing gedit. Firefox was also used to work with Bugzilla and GMail, read GTK dev.manual.

    Have you communicated with the Mozilla developers, and if so, how?
    With the help of Bugzilla, I also read mailing-lists for a while to understand the spirit of the project and to know the main directions of the current work.

    What would you like to say / advise other programmers who are going to join the correction of other bugs?
    To work with the code a little more, to use the assembled version of the program (with its changes) on a daily basis - this is the best testing. When sending a patch, listen to the comments of the project members, people doing the patch-review for you, it’s their code to support it, they know it better than you, if this is not so why are you still not working in Mozilla?

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