Fuuu ... Buckwheat!

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    Surely many people remember this joke, but buckwheat is not such a bad food ...

    I can offer you very simple recipes for buckwheat dishes ...

    For example, "Buckwheat with milk" is simple and delicious.
    Cooking buckwheat. We put in a plate, pour milk, add sugar to taste.
    And the dish is ready to eat.

    If after the above dish you still have unexpended buckwheat, I can offer you a "continuation of the banquet."

    Take a couple of medium tomatoes - wash and cut into pieces. On the stove - a pan. In the pan - sunflower oil. In oil - tomatoes. When the tomatoes are slightly fried (2-3 minutes), pour the remaining buckwheat there. In the meantime, take a half-liter mug or other kitchen vessel. Break 4 eggs there, salt, add milk and mix until smooth. If there is greens (in my version there were parsley, dill, onions and lettuce) we take a little and finely crumble. Meanwhile, buckwheat should already be slightly fried - sprinkle it with herbs, mix and fill with eggs and milk. Cover with a lid and leave on medium heat for 15 minutes.

    As a result, we have a tasty and healthy casserole. You can eat this way or with some kind of sauce.

    Good appetite! And remember - everyone can cook! (from)

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