Top4top is open!

    Well, finally, the counter disappeared, and after the forced installation of Adobe Flash Player 9, it became possible to get acquainted with the creation of my unsuccessful “Dibrov + Novozhenov + Co.” project Top4top .

    I do not want to draw far-reaching conclusions, but I opened and thought about the site. I thought for a long time, because there is no intuitive interface. It is necessary to understand and study long and hard. Maybe this is for the best, because all the same, the authors claimed a revolution. We are waiting for the development of the project, a break-in and it will be necessary to download a tutorial on using this portal when it appears ...

    PS By the way, the site is replenished with dissatisfied comments. Apparently closed beta testing for invites for such a complex project was simply necessary. And the current beta inscription is like a tag and no more.

    PPSVadim Shatrov recently promises an html version of the portal . The functionality in it will be limited, which means that most of the essence is likely to be lost.

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