Editing a video podcast in Sony Vegas

    It's time to talk a little about the practical part of video podcasting. In my work I use Sony Vegas, it’s just a matter of habit, almost any video editor will do for the purposes that we face in this article.

    In order not to go far, let's take a look at the list of such programs, not the most complete, but the choice, you see, is wide enough:

    Let's start with Windows:

    Now Mac OS X:

    Now Open Source projects (used on most of the available under Linux):

    There is also a class of online programs, that is, they can be used regardless of the OS in your browser window:

    Here ... :) And now let's finally move on to our topic today - a simple video editing in Sony Vegas. You can argue that all this can be done in the much easier and accessible for everyone Movie Maker program, and you will be right, but the essence of the article is to START using Sony Vegas, gradually moving on to such things that Movie Maker did not dream of.

    Let's open Sony Vegas (in my case, Sony Vegas Pro 8.0). Its interface does not look very complex, it is not such. At the very bottom is a large field, there will be audio and video tracks. There can be a lot of them, that is, one video can be played against the background of another, all this is framed by background music and sound effects. Now there is not a single track, so let's make a new video track. Video - because a picture or an inscription acts as a video in this program.

    A new track has been created and it is empty. It's time to insert ... I think you need to start with the title. There are several options, in the end you can insert a picture (just drag and drop a file from anywhere in sony vegas to this track), but this only matters in some cases. If you need to insert text and just text, then I suggest the following.

    Select the place where the title will be on the track, right-click on the newly selected one and select Insert Generated Media. Next, select Sony ProType Tittler - this is a convenient way to create all kinds of inscriptions. Double click on the large black field - and now we are entering the text:

    After entering the text, you need to press 'Esc' and we can move and resize it as we want. On the left are the parameters, I think they are familiar to you, even if not, just move the sliders and you will immediately understand their purpose. By the way, you can enter text in several lines and change the parameters of each segment individually, that is, we can easily do this:

    As soon as you have finished inserting the text (we will talk about any effects and additional settings next time), just close this window . Now on our video track there is the first video - a few seconds of text. It would be great if this title slowly appeared from the dark to the music and disappeared just as slowly. Make it easy.

    This piece of video has blue triangles in the upper corners. If you move the mouse cursor over them, it (the cursor) will turn into ... ahem ... I can hardly explain the resulting geometric object, but you will immediately understand - drag this blue triangle to the side and get something like this: The result is

    smooth lines. These lines show the appearance and disappearance of the clip. They are very easy to adjust - you can make another speed or another place to end / start such an effect.

    Well, now the second part of our desire is “to the music”! Inserting any audio file is simple - drag and drop it from anywhere to the Sony Vegas window on the track field. If there is no track, then it will be created automatically.

    The audio file can also be "darkened" - slowly increase the speed to some point. This is done in the same way.

    I think you already understand what is happening here. Music slowly grows, a heading appears a little faster from the darkness, then disappears, music continues to play. All these actions take seconds, but in the end we have a pleasant start.

    Well, let's finally move on to the video series itself! Drag the video file onto the same track where we have the title. The audio part of it will lie on the lower audio track, but we don’t need such layering, so we take the audio from the freshly inserted clip and drag it a little lower - a new track will automatically appear.

    I propose to do the following: the title slowly “turns” into a video, at this moment the music fades away, and then starts playing again towards the end of the video.

    To begin with, we’ll reduce the duration of the title display a bit - just drag this clip to the end, while the darkening at the end will remain untouched. Then we “drag” the video to the title and lay one on top of the other. It will look like this:

    In the yellow rectangle that popped up when moving, the number - 1:00 - one second is shown. This is the period of time when one video turns into another, a kind of smooth transition and it lasts one second. Naturally, you can drag and increase or decrease this period.

    Now you need to mute the music for the duration of the video. To do this, place the cursor approximately where it is in the screenshot above, and the second track should be highlighted (for this, place the cursor by clicking on the zone of the second track, that is, directly on the red music file) and press "s". This will split our file into two pieces. Do not be afraid, nothing will happen physically with him, but for Sony Vegas these two halves now play the role of separate files and all of their parameters, starting from the position, can be changed independently of each other. This is what we will use. I’ll just show a screenshot, and you should already understand what happened.

    One small touch: it would be better for the scale of the video clip (the lowest track) to make the same appearance and fade effect, parallel to the opposite effects when stopping and continuing the music.

    Well, let's move on. I want that after the continuation of the song we watched another video that will accelerate, then slow down. Such a “vzhzhzhzh-vzhzhzhzhzh” effect.

    We insert the video, we don’t need the sound from this video, so the volume will need to be set to 0. For this, move the mouse cursor to the upper border of the audio file and drag it down. Next, we divide the video into 4-5 pieces, we already know this operation. Subtotal:

    Now let's get some freshly cut pieces. As you can see, I have 4 of them - two of them are short and two are long. Short we will slow down, long - to accelerate. To make it easier than simple - you just need to change their size (familiar to us by dragging one end) with the Ctrl key held down.

    By the way, I said that scrolling with the mouse will increase and decrease the scale? Not? Ahem ... but it was worth it because it is very convenient.

    Having increased the scale, we see such a picture. Those videos whose tempo is changed have such lightnings - stretched if the recording is slow, compressed - if accelerated. Pretty clear!

    You know, I want to end this uncomplicated clip by the fact that the picture slowly loses color, turns into black and white, and then finally disappears. Create a new video track. She will appear at the very top. Take the last piece of the video, with Ctrl held down, drag it to another location on a new track, so that they match perfectly. Pull, as you understand, is necessary for the video itself, as during normal movement, and not abroad, as when changing speed. Holding Ctrl will turn the move into copy.

    Now apply our usual dimming: the top copy of the video should appear from the dark, and the bottom should disappear. Now we’ll go to the Fideo FX tab, select Black and White -> 100% Black and White and drag this effect to the top copy of the video:

    Now the last stroke - you need to crop the top copy of the video from the left end, just drag the left border to the right as you see fit - the speed of transition to a black-and-white picture depends on this.

    That's all! That's all for today, but in general there is a lot of interesting things ahead. The resulting video file can be downloaded from the people-disk , it is absolutely meaningless, the videos and music were randomly selected, as you know, this is not the main thing today. The main thing is to understand how close each of you is from idea to implementation.

    See you later!

    Original at Podcastim.ru

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