Quick-and-dirty Bluetooth adapter repair

    Three years ago, I bought a thin bluetooth adapter on Gorbushka in order to provide both a PDA and a telephone with a computer. I bring the type of adapter in the photo:
    But recently the case has broken. More precisely, its part is under the contact pad. After that, I had ambitious plans to embed the adapter directly into the laptop, but for a number of technical problems they had to be postponed, although there are all the pinouts and a lot of information was collected. Now I needed to quickly set up his work.
    The decision came quickly. Many “wrappers” of SIM-cards are lying around at home, from which it must be broken. It uses very thick and good plastic, millimeter thick. I just cut two small pieces out of it and pasted one onto the other under the adapter pad. He put it on glue stick, because the adapter is still useful to me - I'm still going to build in the laptop.
    So, the result:

    And everything works :)
    Maybe someone has options for such a repair? It would be helpful. Motorists generally replace alternator belts with stockings.

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