Combining social networks - New opportunities.

    The design and functionality of the site was updated , which sets itself the task of combining popular social networks and providing people with useful web 2.0 services.

    If you have an account at BestPersons, then this means:
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    • You have a site, which contains all the links to your personal pages on popular web 2.0 sites.
    • Your friends will always know where you live on the Internet. Just give them a link to;
    • Visitors to your blog or site will know what other sites you write on. It is enough to post an informer on your blogs or profile.
      Informer example: Colors are customizable.

    • You will clearly see how the popularity of your blogs or sites on the chart changes.
    • Your status or mood, as well as contacts, can be inserted into your sites in the form of informers:
    • You will be able to read a single feed of all your friends' blogs, regardless of which of the popular sites they write.
    • You can change the design of the site using CSS.

    Of the additional features:

    How this works in practice can be seen in my profile .

    I express my deep gratitude to the people who actively help with the advice and ideas for the development of

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