Project PIWO2 - Animation on the windows of the hostel of the University of Wroclaw

    PIWO2 is a project of students of the University of Wroclaw (Wroclaw University, Poland).

    Below is some information about the project. I translated it with Polish using a google translator, so it’s hard not to beat :)

    “The idea of ​​the project is simple: Using the windows of the T16 hostel, we want to show some kind of animation and make the whole project fully interactive. For example, you can play the cult game Pong!

    We first presented the project a year ago, in juwenalia 2007. A lot of press gathered, thanks to which the whole of Poland learned about the project.

    The idea of ​​such a display (and of such a size!) Came up with a colleague of Philip Rus, currently a 5th year student. "Similar performances have already taken place in the world, and in Poland it was the first such demonstration.”

    PS: the video used the music from the TV series Knight of roads (Knight Rider)

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