Hero of Runet

    The indispensable Slavik, Nikita Litvinkov, the legendary door sawdust and many others became famous thanks to the ocean of the World Wide Web. And the country, as you know, should know its heroes by sight, that's why we instituted the Runet Hero award. Already in the first days of the existence of the award, the site was visited by about two hundred thousand people. And then - more, in the first 2 months about a million people were noted on the site, and 4 of them live in Nigeria. In total, they viewed just over 5 million pages. On average, users stayed on the site for about 6 minutes, but fanatical Jedi spent more than 10 minutes a day on the site. The search engines fed the award site well: more than 100 thousand people ran into the award at the request of “Runet Hero” and “Runet Hero Award”. In the hottest days of voting, about 50 thousand people visited the site.

    For almost a month, people constantly voted for their nominees, the struggle was seriously serious, but the winner, in the end, was determined. He became Ilya Madison, author of crazy video reviews of games and films. The army of his fans continuously voted for him, as a result of his separation from his closest rival, the cat Manula, amounted to as many as 20 thousand votes. But the irreplaceable Slavik who took the third place slipped into the 4th place and lost the award to the ubiquitous Anatoly Wasserman.

    During the second stage of the award, we got in touch with many nominees and learned a lot of interesting information about them. For example, Slavik is indispensable - not Slavik at all, but Ivan, the hobby of his life is a car, he works and lives in his garage. And Slavik is his friend, who was directly involved in organizing the very legendary jump from the roof of a nine-story building in Krasnoyarsk. Communicating with him, as well as with the other nominees, was really interesting, because they are all interesting personalities. Their words turn into catchphrases, and their actions become an occasion for discussion and admiration.

    Winners will receive original and interesting prizes. The physiognomy of Mad, who won first place, got the opportunity to show up 100 times on one federal channel. In addition, together with Mad, we will record a unique video message that the whole country will see. To choose an interesting and original prize for the winners, we organized a contest of figurines. Designers uploaded their work, and users voted. As a result, the designer won under the nickname monstur.
    Now that the voting is over and the winner is determined, it is safe to say that the project was a success. An indicator of this is the high attendance of the award site, and active voting for the nominees. Next year there will be new nominations and interesting prizes, it remains only to find new nominees, in which there will definitely not be a deficit.

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