Says thanks to Apple for the deal with AdMob

    The U.S. Federal Trade Commission, which is also the antitrust committee and consumer protection organization, has approved the merger between Google and AdMob, which has been investigated for the past several weeks. 5 “for” - 0 “against”, this is the total number of votes.
    However, the official comment of the authorities is much more interesting: “The commission came to a decision based on important achievements in the field of mobile advertising, partly due to Apple’s activities, leveling the dominance effect in the event of a successful Google & AdMob transaction.” So Apple, mentioned in the official FTC comment 10 times, is obviously getting ready to level out.

    Google, preserving its face, reacted to the positive news with the phrase: "This solution is great news for the entire ecosystem of mobile advertising." Of course, from the point of view of the "corporation of good", the way it is. Apple already owns its own iAd platform, which gives it an obvious advantage on its own iPhone OS platform - only Apple has specific numbers regarding the relationship of clicks and purchases in the AppStore. Google wants a piece of their cake, not forgetting about their own cake in the oven.

    As for AdMob itself, its CEO Omar Hamoui was delighted with the long-awaited deal: “over the past six months we have received tremendous help from representatives of mobile advertising - and we really appreciate it. Our goal now is to work closely with Google to complete the transaction. ” I’ll only recall how much Google cost this venture - $ 750 million

    ArsTechnica via TechCrunch

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