Music lovers do not want to download music to a mobile phone from the network

    Despite the explosive growth in smartphone sales, users are in no hurry to download music from the network. Mobile maps, mobile social networks, mobile news - no problem. It doesn’t matter: for free or for money, but people don’t want to download music.

    According to , less than 2% of mobile phone users in the US and Western Europe used a mobile phone in the first quarter of 2010 to download music. This is despite the fact that 24% of respondents listen to music through a mobile phone regularly. However, they prefer to download tracks at home from a computer, rather than on the street from the network.

    The unpopularity of downloading music from the network is explained by the fact that the usability of music services remains a big problem - navigation leaves much to be desired. Meanwhile, mobile phone users do not have time to figure out how it works. And even with music monsters such as iTunes, downloading files to your phone is not so simple. Not to mention that 3G networks do not work everywhere, but in some places you have to use 2G / EDGE in general.

    In general, music labels have something to think about.

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