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Kinzie Kramer, marketing, YouTube partnerships

Thanks to our NextUp program this year, we were able to find some fantastically talented video creators. Today we are pleased to announce that this project is again opening its doors to European YouTube partners.

NextUp is a development program designed specifically for YouTube Partners with great creativity. We want more content creators to use the site as a launching pad for their future successful careers. To do this, we created NextUp. For beginner YouTube stars, we develop special educational programs, provide financial support and help with promotion. Such assistance, for example, funds for new equipment and training seminars, allows beginning partners to create unique online content for a global audience. For example, did you know that you can iron during a prolonged parachute jump ?

How to get involved
Well, now - the details! If you are an official YouTube partner in the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia or France, and you are over 18 years old on the day you apply, you can participate in the program. As of August 17, 2012, your channel must have from 5,000 to 10,000 subscribers, and in the last 6 months (that is, from February 17, 2012 to August 17, 2012) at least 6 videos with access parameters “ for all". If all this is about you, you can apply here .

To do this, you will need to send one pilot video and a description of your channel:
  • The pilot video should talk about the project that you want to create for your channel and demonstrate your creative abilities, narrative talent and the ability to shoot video (the video should not exceed 3 minutes). 
  • A written description of your YouTube project and additional information for your pilot video. The text should contain no more than 400 words.

Applications can be submitted until September 23, 2012. When applications are closed, the YouTube jury and 2011 NextUp winners will select 25 winners from all over Europe.

The winners will be fully paid for a trip to London, where they will attend a weekly workshop and a course of lectures. They will be held in our creative space, equipped with the latest technology. Among other things, there are studios and hardware for video editing. Moreover, the winners will receive a certificate of 4,000 euros for the purchase of video equipment and 3,000 euros in cash to improve the quality of content and promote the channel on YouTube. And of course, in order to win a new audience!

We look forward to your incredible ideas!

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