May: RIF + CIB, Labor Day and first successes

    So May passed. Graduation time died out, tulips and lilies of the valley bloomed, and another volcano with an unpronounceable name woke up in Iceland ...

    It was a successful month for Workle - we (finally) started open testing of the project, visited a number of universities, spoke at the conference “RIF + CIB 2011” and did much more. In general, there is something to tell :)



    The idea to the masses!

    It all started with “RIF + CIB 2011”, where we got through “Program 2.0” (sections selected by the conference participants according to the voting results). Our mentor, Anton Nosik, spoke in the section “How to Build a Dream Company” with a report “Dream Team - Crowd”, most of which was dedicated to Workle.

    If in more detail, the report talked about the concept of “user corporation”, which allows any Internet user to learn and build a career right online with all the advantages of classic office work.


    In fact, this was the first official announcement of Workle, and we were very worried. But the freshness of the idea (especially against the background of discussions of corporate cultures) and the speaker’s charisma did their job - we were covered with a flurry of questions, the answers to which we dealt with the rest of the time. In general, everything went very well.

    But I didn’t want to stop there, and we went further ...

    The publication


    The next step was a visit to universities. It is no secret that many students (starting the course like that from the 3rd) have a problem of combining work with study. Moreover, given the size of the scholarships, the problem is serious. But we believe that Workle may well solve it, and therefore held a series of lectures in several Moscow universities, where they talked about online work, distributed invites to the project and simply shared their life experiences with hundreds of curious minds.

    In addition, we attended the meetings of several large public organizations, where we touched on unemployment and the fight against it with the help of Workle.

    In both cases, we received a lot of positive feedback, thanks and even a number of practical ideas that we are currently implementing in the project. So, such “outings” will probably be repeated again, and again, and again ...

    World, #Workle, May!

    Also, in honor of Labor Day, we organized the campaign “Peace! #Workle! May! ”, The report of which is already posted on Habré. There were a lot of prizes, a lot of fun, a couple of cool beatboxers, and even a living boa constrictor (no one understood where he came from). In total, about 500 people took part in the festive event. Below is a detailed report from the scene (not previously published):


    PRUFFI Rating


    The result of the month (and a pleasant surprise) was Workle getting into the ranking of the most promising startup teams of Runet 2011 according to the PRUFFI agency . In fact, we were added to this list just 5 days before the announcement of its results (thanks, Habr), and this was a pleasant surprise: 22 position out of 130 participants is not bad for a young startup :)

    Workle today

    So, what is Workle today:
    • We have entered into partnership agreements with many leading Russian companies, including: Renaissance Insurance , OTP Bank , ROSNO , Vostochny Express Bank , etc. More than 20 companies are at the stage of signing agreements;
    • 2000 users were registered on the project (time limit), and more than 3000 applications for registration were submitted;
    • online work in the professions “Finance” and “Insurance” is available, and “Fitness”, “Real Estate” and “Tourism” will soon be added.
    In general, the project is developing at the speed of our and your :) thoughts.

    Thanks to everyone who helps make Workle better!

    PS Now Workle has a corporate blog , as well as official pages on Facebook , Twitter , VKontakte and LiveJournal (forgive us for the incorrect spelling).

    UPD: At added 500 invites, and limit users of the project increased to 2,500.

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