PyCharm 1.5: fresh IDE update for Python / Django

    JetBrains released the next PyCharm release this week. The list of new features this time includes:
    • Support for the SQL language and integration with databases (viewing the structure, viewing and editing data in tables, syntax highlighting and auto-completion in SQL files, etc.);
    • Support for working with documentation (viewing documentation for libraries in an external browser, generating docstrings templates, syntax highlighting for reStructuredText, etc.);
    • Debugging support for Django templates;
    • New refactoring Move Class / Function;
    • As always, many minor improvements and bug fixes.

    Try PyCharm for 30 days for free. For students, starting with version 1.2, an academic license is available for only $ 29, and for developers of open-source projects there is an opportunity to get a license for free.

    You can download the new version and learn more about the new features at

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