Help me choose the OS for the thin client.

    This topic – question is a logical continuation of the previous ones:

    I got some experience working with thin clients. I tried several different variations, but the best option was never found.

    Under the cutter is a description of the tried thin and half-thick clients, as well as the question itself.

    Stripped-down Windows XP - a half-fat client

    This is the easiest option. Here we need a minimal build of Windows Xp. We kill explorer.exe on it and write the program on Delphi for autorun, which is displayed in the form of three buttons in the center of the screen: “Start work”, “Restart”, “Turn off”. When you click on the first button, a * .rdp file is launched in which it is written where to connect and which devices to forward to the terminal session.

    All this is implemented, if such an option is suitable for someone, I can share it.

    The most important minus: Licensing (Each terminal session to the Windows terminal server is 700 rubles, as well as paying for the installed stripped-down version of Windows Xp is too expensive.)

    LTSP. Ubuntu Real thin client

    With this monster more or less sorted out in previous topics. But nevertheless, I didn’t use it, since I can administer all clients at once, I couldn’t configure individual machines.

    Thinstation, itadwisor and the like. Quite so thin.

    It’s simple enough to configure, everything suits the function, since you only need rdp and throw local devices into the terminal session.

    The only reason I don’t use it, half of the hardware that we have is not supported by these projects, there’s simply no driver and that’s it.

    Ubuntu is a half-fat friend

    We put the usual Ubuntu, we make a script to start rdp in a loop and a script to ping the terminal server so that when the server is turned off, the clients will also be disconnected. If the public requires, I will add scripts to the topic.

    Everything works exactly as I need, but it’s a very plump client that requires 3-4 GB of hard disk space. And on equipment from the last century, which costs us, it does not work correctly everywhere, somewhere it even hangs when loading.

    Therefore, this option is also not for me.

    Attention question ?

    Does anyone have a Linux distribution that will include a sufficient set of drivers, with a light graphical shell, taking up little space on your hard drive, and the ability to run rdesktop? Autologon, and autorun scripts are also welcome.

    Dear HabraPeople, help anyone than they can :)

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