Ecma adopts holographic disc standards

    Established in 1961 to standardize solutions in the field of communications equipment and consumer electronics, Ecma International announced the standardization of 100 and 200 GB holographic media.

    The specification provides for the possibility of storing up to 200 GB of information on one HDV disc, which roughly corresponds to 40 ordinary single-layer DVDs. According to analysts, in the near future the volume of HDV will be increased to 1.3 TB. The recording and reading technology used for holographic media allows you to record 10 KB of data in a single laser flash when working with a stationary medium (rotation is not required). Under the condition of disk rotation, the data transfer rate can reach 20 Mb / second, which is much faster than DVD.

    The first standard is calledECMA-377 "Information Interchange on Holographic Versatile Disc (HVD) Recordable Cartridges - Capacity: 200 Gbytes per Cartridge", the second - ECMA-378 "Information Interchange on Holographic Versatile Disc (HVD-ROM) - Capacity: 100 Gbytes per disk ".

    via CDRInfo , IXBT

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