Experience in its purest form, as it is!

    November 7th is a red day of the calendar, we propose to use it with benefit :) In the glorious city of Rostov-on-Don, the Good Design studio is hosting the last educational event this year for beginners (and not quite beginners) designers, freelancers, illustrators and all who, in principle, are interested in the "web-design" kitchen.

    The event is held in an intensive format. Intensive, this is when the best specialists, in an understandable and accessible way, share their experience and production secrets. Of course, you can get to everything yourself and many questions can always be answered in books or search engines. The question is - how long does it take ?!
    Work of Dikhtyarenko Nikolay (one of our speakers)

    Since this seminar was the last in the past year, we tried to make it as interesting and useful as possible from a practical point of view. All this takes a lot of time and effort, but you also need to work to work :)) Therefore, the “next time” may be organized closer to the spring, in short, very soon and it will be a completely different seminar :).

    The ticket costs 1,500 rubles, for students a 50% discount (you will need to show a valid student ID). This time there will be something like lunch, a buffet table, "piglets in pineapples" do not wait :), but I think we will last until the evening. Beginning at 10.00 on Saturday, I think I will finish by about seven. Due to the fact that we will order food, it is advisable to pay in advance well or pre-register and give the money at the entrance. The number of seats is limited, all the details about the event on the site "A rational offer . ”

    I would like to add more ... This is not only an excellent occasion to talk with brothers in mind :), this is exactly the place where it is very appropriate and even categorically correct to ask and discuss global issues. At the end of the program, something like a forum is planned: all the speakers come out and answer any questions from the audience.

    We are waiting not only for Rostovites, come to visit .., because our "intensive" is not only pure knowledge, it is also a great reason to visit Rostov. And then all of Moscow, Moscow - already tired, honestly :).

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