Cup PEGTOP - A fun item or teaspoon killer?

    A couple of years ago, we developed a design concept for a unique cup that, rotating around its own axis, is able to mix drinks without a spoon and cheer up. We have come a long way from the first trials to participation and victories in international competitions and exhibitions. And finally, we are now beginning to collect pre-orders for the release of the first ever copies of Cup-Yula.

    Under the cut video and a detailed story.

    The birth of an idea

    It all started back in 2009, when Anastasia Gavrilova , being a student at the Southern Federal University, had her practice in London. There she was faced with the fact that in the cafe periodically there were no normal teaspoons, and sometimes even sticks. Therefore, stirring coffee or tea with sugar was very problematic. And then, trying to rotate the glass with her hand, she thought - why not create a cup that does not require a spoon to mix the contents? So the idea of ​​Cup-Yula was born.

    At the beginning of 2012, having met me, Anastasia remembered her old idea, and together we took up its realization. The main condition was the lack of complex mechanisms, engines, batteries, etc. Such a cup should be made entirely of glass or porcelain and should be no less convenient and unpretentious in everyday life than ordinary dishes.

Work on the concept

    The first sketches that Nastya showed me looked like a children's toy of the same name. The cup should have had the shape of a jule and closed with a special lid equipped with a handle for rotation. It became absolutely obvious to me - in this form the product is unlikely to interest anyone. And we began to refine the form, bringing it closer to a traditional tea pair.

    At first glance, it seemed to me that the task was simply impossible: either the cup will be difficult to use and it will not be aesthetically pleasing, or the drink will splash and the cup will regularly tip over. But still, we managed to find a balance and solve all the problems.

    First of all, in order to achieve the WOW-effect, the cup must rotate around its axis independently after a hand push (due to inertia forces). For stability and safety of the structure, it was decided to make it of two parts - the cup itself and the saucer stand. The saucer is equipped with a special protrusion - the axis of rotation, on which the recess of the cup is mounted.

    This made it possible to lower the center of gravity of the cup and prevent it from accidentally tipping over. In addition, for added stability and protection against splashes, we gave the cup a pear-shaped shape.

    Further, we came to the conclusion that for high-quality stirring of the drink, the cup must have internal ribs that will hook and twist the liquid. And then the idea came to me to tilt the ribs in the direction of rotation (clockwise). This made it possible to direct the liquid flows downward and thereby prevent splashing.


    As a result of all our transformations, the design of the cup became not only fully functional, but also acquired a peculiar aesthetics of the unopened bud. We managed to do something incredible - to harmoniously combine complicated functionality with the beauty of forms. Just as nature itself does.

    This is probably why Cup-Yula (born Cup PEGTOP) made it to the finals of the international competitions RED DOT DESIGN CONCEPT, JAMES DYSON AWARD, and also won the DESIGN AND DESIGN INTERNATIONAL AWARD.
    At the Milan Design Week last April, for which we specially printed the final prototype, the Cup-Yula made a splash! It was nice to watch the enthusiastic looks of people, some of whom returned to our booth and brought their friends and children.

    By the way, the video that we prepared specially for the final of the RED DOT contest accidentally fell into the hands of the authors of the portal . As a result of the publication of the article “ Spin This Brilliant Ridged Mug and It Automatically Stirs Itself ”, over 100,000 users from all over the world watched the video in just a week. We received many letters with wishes to purchase this product, but at that time we were not ready.

    Our cup periodically falls into the spotlight of the media, for example, not so long ago a report on the JAMES DYSON AWARD award was released on Moscow 24 channel , in which we repeatedly participated, reached the final, and even won (with another project) The story about the cup and the demonstration of the final prototype from 2 minutes 20 seconds.

    UPD: Please note that the prototype shown in the video has a slight flaw - the pit on the cup was overfilled with acrylic enamel. As a result, the gap between the cup and saucer has increased and the cup has a greater roll than it should have. In the final product, the gap will be less (about 2 mm) and the cup will rotate more evenly.

    Production launch

    In parallel with patenting, we tried for a long time to find a manufacturer for the production of glass cups. But, unfortunately, it turned out that the casting molds used in ordinary production consist of two halves, which, due to the inclined edges of the cup, cannot be opened without damaging the product. And the creation of a separate production line can be quite a costly undertaking.

    At the moment, we decided not to wait any longer and start the production of cups made of high-quality porcelain, which, of course, is not transparent, but has a number of advantages over glass: the possibility of any color of glaze, the application of logos and drawings, and, of course, porcelain has a lower production cost .

    At the first stage, we decided to use Russian crowdfunding, and a little later we plan to enter the foreign market, which is so violently reacting to the new product.

    pre order

    Yula Cup can be a truly original gift. She is able to turn ordinary tea / coffee drink into a source of positive mood and eliminate the need to wash teaspoons and listen to the sound of their strokes on the glass.

    You can support the project and become the first owners of the Cup-Yula in the world at the address Cup-Yula. Russian Federation.

    The first batches of cups will be made in white from porcelain using traditional hand-made production technology (St. Petersburg) and packaged in elegant transparent plastic boxes. Depending on the volume of the order, the price varies from 1100 rubles to 800 rubles per 1 piece.

    UPD 06/30/2015:

    Now Cup-Yulu can be bought in the online store http: //chashka-yula.rf

    Friends, almost two years have passed since the publication of this post. During this time, we managed to:
    - successfully launch and debug production (largely thanks to your support, for which special thanks!);
    - win gold in the prestigious international industrial design competition A'DESIGN AWARD 2015 (Italy);
    - to participate in major international exhibitions (Milan, Amsterdam, Dublin, Lodndon, Beijing, etc.)
    - to light up on television, advertising on youtube (lipton goodstarter);
    we even managed to find ourselves at the round table of the State Duma! ))
    But the most important thing is that we finally launched our own online store!
    http: //Cup-Yula.RF

    By the way, each of you has the opportunity to earn on our affiliate program with very good conditions ...

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