Welcome to Lua Workshop 2014

    September 13 and 14 (Saturday and Sunday) in Moscow, the Mail.Ru Group office will host the largest annual conference dedicated to the Lua programming language - Lua Workshop 2014 . This international English-language conference is being held for the 9th time this year. In 2012, it was held in Reston (USA), in 2013 - in Toulouse (France), but this year the conference is coming to Moscow.

    If you write in Lua, the question of attending or not attending the conference will not arise: when will there still be the opportunity to chat live with the creator of the language and the author of “Programming in Lua” Roberto Jerusalem? And it's easy (for free!) To participate in the conference, to learn more about your programming language first hand.

    If you are not writing on Lua yet, it is worth noting that the conference promises to be extremely eventful. Lua is used not only in the industry of computer games, but also is a built-in extension language in such web-programming tools as Redis, nginx, Tarantool, OpenResty. At the same time, Lua stands apart from mainstream, JavaScript, Node.js, MongoDB and others. Apparently, that's why right now in the list of conference participants you can notice such gurus as Igor Sysoev. :)

    And of course, if you are not writing Lua yet, then it's time to start writing Lua!

    The conference program is still being formed, but it is already known about a number of interesting reports: on the internal structure of Lua, LuaJIT and tracing just-in-time compilation technology, on the Lua ecosystem and the creation of packages and modules for Lua, on the future of the language and new features - Lua 5.2 and Lua 5.3.

    So, we are waiting for everyone at Lua Workshop Moscow 2014, registration is open and free, the number of seats is limited!


    Video and slides of reports from previous conferences are available here:
    http: // www.lua.org/wshop12.html

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