Books for startups

    Very often they ask a question about where you can read about startups.

    I can recommend three books:

    High Tech Start Up, Revised and Updated: The Complete Handbook For Creating Successful New High Tech Companies, John L. Nesheim

    It is considered a classic textbook on creating startups. All stages are detailed. In the end, there are examples of very famous companies, with tables showing how much money got to someone in the process of selling the company. The latest edition was after the bubble burst. The procedure for finding money is not painted, but it makes it clear when and what needs to be done. This book could not be found on the Internet in electronic form, if someone finds it, I will be grateful if you share the link.

    Founders at Work: Stories of Startups' Early Days, Jessica Livingston

    The book contains interviews with the founders of famous startups, well reveals the problems that faced them, and how they achieved success by overcoming them. By the way, the first interview with the creator of PayPal is Max Levchin (a former Kiev resident). The book can be downloaded on the Internet.

    The Venture Capital Cicle, Paul Gompers, Josh Lerner

    Shows in detail how the venture fund works. For startups, it is very difficult to understand, but it allows you to put yourself on the side of the capitalist and more efficiently seek money. Actually Tutorial from MIT. It was not possible to find where to download.

    All books are on Amazon. I recommend buying used books, they come as new, but cost three times less.

    From online resources I can recommendIntroduction to Venture Capital and Private Equity Finance book 0 is free, but by itself it contains a lot of information, which is enough for beginners. She wrote for a long time, as I understand it on the principle of Wiki, several editors, you can make changes. I printed this case and keep it on the table. In every second case I find answers to questions there.

    AmBar at one time prepared good manuals on how to write a Presentation for an investor, a Business plan and an Executive Summary . You can watch it here.

    If someone leads, any other useful resources (especially in Russian) - I will be grateful.

    Note. Everything that is written there is written to build a global company, if you are building a local project, then it makes sense to you to think about whether everything is applicable in your case.

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