Digg.com caught a bribe taker

    Technoblog Digg.com has begun an active fight against bribe takers in its ranks. The first to get into the network was a top-level user Karim Ergaliev, a “digger” with the nickname supernova17 .

    His account was deleted with the phrase "violation of Digg's terms of service", after the administration of the resource suspected him of bribery - Karim allegedly took money in exchange for "go-ahead" for the publication of records.

    As CNet admittedthe offender himself, before that he had never taken bribes, but, according to him, he “fell into a trap” (it is amusing that the proposal was sent not only to Ergaliev, but also to 30 other editors). JetNumbers, which promotes its local telephone number service in more than 30 countries, allegedly offered him “compensation” in the form of airtime for publishing laudatory material that could make people less trust the information published on Digg.com.

    Now Supernova17 account has been restored, as Karim Ergaliyev repented of his deed.

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