Usability Bulletin. Issue No. 25

    Results of User Experience Russia'08: Photos and a few numbers | UPA Russia and USABILITYLAB prepare conference “Accessibility for business” | Resonance of User Experience Russia'08 on the Web | WUD, Transportation: TOP-5 mega-usable characters | Portrait of user online store | Web 2.0 comes again

    Results of User Experience Russia'08: Photos and a few numbers
    From October 29 to November 1, the 2nd international conference User Experience Russia 2008 was held.

    UPA Russia and USABILITYLAB are preparing the conference “Accessibility for Business”
    As a logical continuation of the accessibility projects that these organizations have conducted in recent years, they translate into Russian and promote WCAG 1.0 and 2.0 standards.

    Resonance of User Experience Russia'08 on the Web
    Even the most nosy participants of the User Experience 2008 conference could not get to all her events: often two, or even three interesting events took place simultaneously in different places. But all is not lost! The Internet keeps all traces. So what today can be found on the web?

    WUD, Transportation: TOR-5 Mega-usable Signs
    Congratulations on World Usability Day! This year's theme is Transportation, and on this occasion, readers of the Usability Bulletin sent some very convenient road signs to the editorial office ...

    Portrait of the user of the online store
    With this presentation, we are opening a series of publications based on User Experience 2008. Those who could not attend the conference will have the opportunity to
    familiarize themselves with the participants' reports in the Usability Bulletin.

    Web 2.0 is
    launching Careerlab's Professional Growth Center and the Start in Garage project, as part of the
    Social Experience 2009conference,will conduct a series of workshops focused on gaining
    practical business development skills through social networking projects.


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