Famous Designers and Copyright

    It is understandable when very novice designers take it without demand - they are presumptuous, stupid and young. They do not know that this cannot be done (although this can be allowed with a creak), they think that "the Internet is big, they won’t find it." They are simply poorly educated legally.

    But when the well-known and venerable begin to take without demand, it is just right to shrug: how, why, why? Malice or oversight?

    There is such a famous designer and fashion designer Masha Tsigal. Designs clothes for fashion shows and sometimes handbags for phones.

    Actually, such a handbag signed by her is sold on the Euroset for 499 rubles. ( Google , for every fireman)


    Signed "Masha Tsigal Anime Girl", we do not invent anything.

    But such a picture was drawn in 2004 by a familiar artist under the nickname Mistress . The picture was posted on the author’s site. It was made as a gift to a friend of the artist, not commercially distributed.


    According to the author of the picture, it is known that Ms. Tsigal (if she is the author of the handbag) did not pay for the picture and did not receive any permission to use.

    PS The author has publications, witnesses and a huge multi-layer PSD file (with which she will now go to court). For those who know the procedure, I propose to try to predict the outcome of the case :-)

    PPS I note that this post is not an attempt to blame anyone for anything. We do not forget that this will require a court decision that has entered into legal force, and nothing else.

    UPD 1.Yo, the bag was hastily removed from the Euroset website!
    Unfortunately, cunning search engines store this in their caches: Yandex | Google 1 | Google 2

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