32.7% of Belarusians use the Internet

    Satio Belarusian Consulting Center conducted a sociological survey in which 1,500 respondents took part in all regions of Belarus.

    According to the survey, it turned out that Internet users in Belarus are 37.2% of adult residents. Among the urban population, 38.1% of respondents use the Internet, among the rural population - 15.8%. Most often, the Internet is used by Minsk residents (62.3%), as well as residents of Minsk (37%), Grodno (32.6%) and Gomel (30.8%) regions. The share of Internet users among men and women is 36.9% and 29.2%, respectively.

    The most famous sites among Belarusians are Tut.By (9.6% of the country's population), Yandex.ru (7.6%), Mail.ru (6.9%), Rambler.ru (6.0%) andGoogle (1.6%).

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