Offline conversion tracking. Part 1

    It’s easy to evaluate the effectiveness of traffic sources if you receive applications / orders only through the form on the site. To do this, just set the Google Analytics counter and set up goals, or e-commerce in the case of an online store.
    But how to evaluate the effectiveness of a paid traffic source, if most of the orders are received not via the form on the website, but by telephone? There is a solution! I want to talk about this in my review.

    As a basis, we will use the Google Analytics statistics service. We need it in order to find out the source from which the visitor came. GA saves this data in a cookie called __utmz as follows:

    72498947.1271847249.10.2.utmcsr = google | utmccn = (organic) | utmcmd = organic | utmctr = searchkey

    From this line, we are interested in the utmcsr parameters - the source and utmcmd - means.
    In this example, we see that the source is google and the medium is organic , i.e. organic (free search) traffic from the Google search engine.

    To parse __utmz cookies, you can use the function from a rather useful article. Know where the user came from .

    After obtaining the values ​​of the necessary parameters, you need to generate on their basis the so-called bonus code . It allows you to determine the source from which the calling customer came.

    For example, for a pair (google, organic), the bonus code will be GO, and for (yandex, cpc) - poison , i.e. Yandex.Direct.

    Next, we display this code on the site page, next to the phone, for example, like this: " Your bonus code: GA ".

    Well, then it’s a matter of technology: a potential customer called and orders something, you will learn a bonus code from him. We collect statistics on bonus codes, and after about a month you can evaluate whether a particular paid traffic source is effective.

    For new customers, you can generally enter the bonus code in the CRM system and then it will be possible to evaluate the effectiveness of investments in any advertisement in six months or a year, because customers can become permanent.

    In the second part of the review I will tell you how to find out where the customer came from directly to the store.

    Addition:To track calls, instead of bonus codes, you can immediately display the phone number specially created for registering a particular source. Only the option with individual rooms will be slightly more expensive.

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