Resuscitation of food for the Packard Bell laptop

    They brought me a laptop the other day.
    The child sat on the sofa and broke the power connector on the laptop, as a result, the connector began to warm up and melt the case, then the connector melted due to the temperature. It looked after the analysis of the laptop as follows.
    Molten body
    What happened next under the cut.

    The central chip in the power connector melted on the side of the fastener and left to the side.
    Power connector
    Attempts to find a suitable pair of “dad” - “mom” chips on the ruins that could withstand 90W of power failed.

    Inside the laptop there was an unused hole for the modem socket located near the power supply.
    View from above
    After going through several options, my gaze fell on a dead mother with an additional power connector for the processor.
    The connector was neatly soldered with a lighter and fitted to the existing holes. It turned out that it was almost one-on-one suitable for the regular modem socket, you just need to remove a little plastic with a file to fasten the lock.
    The connector was soldered to the standard wires, inserted into the case and filled with hot glue.
    Side view
    The response chip was taken from a dead power supply and sealed in place of the old chip.
    View with connector

    Here are such crazy pens;)
    Kmk this method is suitable for everyone who does not need a modem in a laptop and there are problems with the power cable.

    © Aborche

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