Freeje - how easy and cheap to call abroad from a mobile

    Dear habrasociety,
    I have the honor to bring to your attention a new service.
    Freeje is a mobile phone application that allows you to make calls abroad at very loyal prices. History Quite often, work has encountered people who, due to their activities, are often forced to make many calls to other countries. Basically, these are people not of the youngest generation. Due to (or due to) the fact that their activities are often not related to IT, they do not use Skype, soft phones and other similar services in order to reduce the cost of communication. As a rule, work calls are made from a mobile phone at not the most loyal tariffs of local mobile operators ...

    Having analyzed this fact, we sat down and thought, and the idea of ​​creating a service was born that allows us to combine convenience, pleasant rates and high quality communications.

    How to use?
    There are 3 simple steps to follow:
    - Register in our system;
    - Get a sms download link;
    - Download the application to your mobile phone.

    How it works?
    The application is based on the technology of "callback" (callback). - A GPRS request is sent to the Freeje server from the initiator's phone; - The request is processed by the server; - The initiator receives an incoming call (callback 1) and listens to the message Wait for call (Wait for the call); - The server sends an incoming call (callback 2) to the phone or Skype of the subscriber; - When the subscriber answered the call, you can communicate. How to pay?

    Topping up the application balance is possible from the user's personal account on the site. Replenishment with Webmoney and Ukash vouchers can be done directly from the application.

    -convenience of use. Just start and dial the subscriber number.
    - the ability to call not only phones, but also on skype, even outside the Wi-fi coverage area - it
    works on the most popular OS. Currently, versions for the Java ME, Windows Mobile, iPhone and Android platforms are implemented.
    Next in line is Blackberry.
    - tariffs pleasant to heart and wallet. For example: a call from Russia to Ukraine to a mobile phone and vice versa will cost $ 0.11, from Russia to the USA (mobile) $ 0.07.

    In the near future, the application will appear on the AppStore and Android Market.

    The purpose of writing this topic was not so much to publicize the service as to get feedback and suggestions from potential customers.

    UPD: We invite everyone to test. Tell us your login in our system, $ 1 will appear on the balance of the application.

    UPD2: After you enter the subscriber number, the cost of a minute of a call will be displayed.

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