The first interactive online series

    About the series:

    The series "Immersion" - the first series, whose plot develops depending on the desire of the viewer. Management takes place with simple mouse clicks on video objects. For simplicity, at the moment a clickable video object appears, a red indicator is displayed, clicking on which the pointer of all interactive objects turns on.

    To view the series requires Microsoft installed Silverlight .

    As part of the series, the viewer can choose which next action the hero will take on his way. During the development of the series, the viewer will be given tips (for example, the phone number in the second series, by calling on which you can get a brief instruction on the next step of the hero).

    Also, the most attentive viewers, having solved the secrets of some clues, will be able to influence the scenarios of subsequent episodes.

    Briefly about the storyline:

    Waking up in the morning, the hero finds himself in an unfamiliar apartment with a severe headache and strange visions from a dream. In the course of the series he will have to figure out what happened in the past, along the way ... surviving. You can get acquainted with the plot of the series in more detail only by watching it .

    Enjoy your viewing and may not leave you a good reaction.

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