Intel discovered an error in Sandy Bridge chipsets

    Intel has found a problem in the recently released Cougar Point 6 Series chipsets .

    In some cases, Serial-ATA (SATA) ports in chipsets can gradually degrade the performance and functionality of SATA-related devices, such as hard drives and  DVD drives. These chipsets are used in computers with Sandy Bridge processors.

    Intel stopped supplying faulty chipsets, fixed a bug and started production of a new version of chipsets. The error did not affect the Sandy Bridge microprocessor and other products.

    A fixed version of the chipsets will begin to arrive at the end of February. In full, deliveries will resume in April. Intel plans to negotiate with OEM partners to return defective chipsets to customers.

    Systems with defective chipsets were only supplied starting from January 9, so a relatively small number of customers were affected. Affected customers are encouraged to contact OEM or Intel itself through the company's website.

    Intel estimates the cost of repairing and replacing failed chipsets at $ 700 million. The company's first-quarter earnings are expected to decline by $ 300 million.

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