Co-working from the point of view of an entrepreneur

    For the topic - respect. Sooner or later, the question was to come up. But, did anyone consider all this from a legal point of view, consider a financial model?

    I have the funds and I can afford to rent an office for twenty people for a year "in the green part of the city." But what do we do with the laws? With taxes? People are unformed. In addition, unfamiliar with each other. A great reason for an attacker is to fit into the team and steal something - from a brand new mouse to passwords for someone else's hosting. A great opportunity to conduct illegal activities - from the spread of pornography to fascist agitation.

    Whose technique? Or is everyone able to hang around with a laptop every day? How to carry out banal physical protection, how to answer claims in the event of theft (remember Shpak from Ivan Vasilievich, how many tape recorders he was stolen from). There are many questions. If you solve all of them, then the freelancer party in the green part of the city will turn into a regular office of a regular IT office.

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