SLTV - The First National Internet Software Channel

    Today we are launching a new project, which seems to us very important and necessary for the IT market in Russia - the first television channel that focuses on the software market - SLTV .

    TV channel content - news, thematic and informational and analytical programs related to software and IT. We expect that the TV channel will be watched by IT specialists, company executives and qualified users interested in the IT market.

    The main programs of SLTV are devoted to the most relevant topics arising in the software and IT market. To date, the television channel broadcasts five major programs: News , Reporting , Software in Law , and did not missIT environment . We invite leading market experts to discuss the latest news and events in all programs and try to give the most complete overview of the situation.

    It is possible and necessary not only to watch programs, but also to discuss them; comments on the case are welcome. If you have interesting topics of programs - write comments on this topic, and we will consider all the proposals.

    A report on an event that all users of the Habré liked very much at the start - Google Developer Day in Moscow.

    Softline tv

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