Firefox Visual Integration in KDE 4

    0. Intro.

    It's no secret that Firefox under KDE looks quite clumsy, even with qtcurve styles. I don’t know how anyone, but I personally want all the applications in my DE to look the same. Therefore, dealing with this issue, I tried a bunch of styles for the gnome (gtk styles tab in systemsettings) and plugins for firefox.

    1. The decision.

    But as close as possible in the cd, I could integrate only with this plug-in set: - full support for qt4 styles! The browser is indistinguishable from other qde programs. - firefox notifications are displayed via plasma-notify

    As a result, the browser looks like this: Plus, to make the file dialogs look the same, turn off the ui value in about: config .allow_platform_file_picker (set to false).
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    2. Outro.

    Still, subjectively, it seems that the interface began to work an order of magnitude faster.

    - the controls on the pages still look the same.

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