Wanted.VC Digest # 14

    Last week we found a few more projects that need venture capital investments.
    Among them:

    - an Internet communicator for neighbors,
    - social games outside social networks,
    - a virtual card of a corporate computer network
    and something else.

    Most likely you are not Angelina Jolie. This means that the benefits that you can bring to the economy of Cambodia are about several tens of thousands of times less than if you were Angelina Jolie.
    True, Cambodia is a rare example: as a rule, landing somewhere where they speak a different language, we plan to minimize our expenses, and not engage in charity. Since people mastered the booking of tickets and making routes themselves, the most desperate chiptrip dreams have come true one after another: a burning ticket worth up to three hundred euros will not surprise anyone.
    The creators of the project  “Their People”  went even further: by sending social vanity to the Atavisms folder, they learned how to compose interesting tourist routes, the costs of which can be overcome even by a freshman at a humanitarian university, who works as a rewriter in his spare time. +++

    While we are pressing the buttons in the office eight hours a day, an initiative group of several thousand girls is taking leaps and bounds, in modern terms, exploring the market for unique jewelry. In other words, girls weave baubles and make author designs for book covers, sometimes selling them at prices that can compete with products from some kind of “Republic”.
    Until recently, all these fruits of superhuman efforts were huddled by specialized LiveJournals, VKontakte communities, and a couple of other sites with names that give away memories of classes in the pioneer palaces.
    The project  "Mart Mania"  first of all tried to get rid of this raid of the "circle of creativity", which was closely attached to such initiatives. And at the same time to scale the project: in the end, handmade products are a privilege not only for girls from LJ. +++

    If the plan of the authors of the Vion Widget project   will be sufficiently implemented, then the owners of the companies, and the employees of the same companies, will have to associate the word “connection” with him (and only with him!). Vion Widget
    App  This is necessary in order to allow visitors to a site (for example, an online store) to contact the store operator with the touch of a button - by phone, via video chat or text messages. +++ A

    service with a suspiciously something reminiscent of a logo - from among the currently fashionable websites about budget reciprocal reciprocity (on Wanted.VC from their number were, for example,  LittleHelp  and  HelpHunter ).
    Uslooga  is a sort of Mr. Wolfe who solves problems. Including those related to washing the car interior from a variety of substances. The main thing is not to make a mistake with the heading. +++

    You can become an adherent of a social network in several ways, and the most likely of them is application games. 7 million playing the “Happy Farmer” VKontakte is the best confirmation of this.
    Meanwhile, the difference between games on social networks and any other online games is minimal: interaction with friends in the mechanics of games and viral distribution schemes. According to a VTsIOM study, 48% of Runet users do not have accounts on social networks.
    Having brought these two facts together, the creators of  NextGame.Ru  decided to create their own amusement park - but outside of social networks. +++

    As recently as a month ago, from the GreenPeace blog, you learned that you can arrange for separate collection of garbage in your yard, you just need to collect the required number of signatures from the residents of your entrance and send them (signatures, not residents) to the appropriate authority. Your enthusiasm goes out approximately on the word "tenants", which is not surprising: despite the minimum distance between the tenants of an apartment building, communication between them, as a rule, is minimized.
    DomoSite  is made just to establish this communication. +++ The

    welcome letter that you will receive after registering for Mindposter is fairly straightforwardly entitled: "Welcome to the Social Network!"
    The imperial scope of the service is felt in everything, starting from the list of functions in the left column of the profile and ending with a softly popped soft sign in the word “like” - probably sneaked there by mistake, due to the authors' deep immersion in larger problems. And they, one must think, have enough - the goals of the project, Artyom Patokov, his creator, describes with appropriate breadth: “The idea is to break the prevailing stereotypes in Internet communication and IT in general.”
    We tried to participate in this experiment on consciousness. +++

    Let's imagine the acid-green scheme of the building from the Matrix.
    Now imagine that the computers in this building are especially marked with acid green.
    Now try to distract from the acid-green color and the Matrix and imagine that what you just imagined exists in reality.
    Now add to the card a detailed description of the settings and configuration of each computer and the corporate network as a whole.
    The output should be approximately what the authors of the ComBild project  did . +++

    Today is a rare case when we publish information about a project that has not yet reached the prototype stage. Investments sought by the authors are needed just for the technical implementation of the project.
    In the meantime, the idea, succinctly entitled "Anti-Fraud", is waiting in the wings. The authors shared with us the main thoughts about what it is. +++

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