“Sound to my ears”, or five computer headsets: an overview and comparison

    Not so long ago (like recently, but I can’t even find the link offhand) on our beloved Habré material skipped over the comparison of various headphones. Taking the opportunity, opportunities, connections and other social relations, I decided to supplement the collection of our resource with another piece of material on the ears, this time attention is paid to computer headsets (!).

    I want to immediately warn that in the post you will not find frequency response graphs and furious audiophile themes, but the sensations, personal experience and features of each model are easy. For sim, I ask for a cut, under which indecently many pictures are hidden;)

    Shock Spin / Spin HD

    Let's start with the white headphones from Tt eSPORTS, the Thermaltake eSports division. Under the name Shock Spin HD, a model has come out that can be described as "universal."

    Half-closed earphones, headband mount - plastic staples with a small degree of freedom. The headband itself is unregulated, two-part.

    The upper arc plays the role of a connector and the main element holding the load / pressing the speakers themselves to the ears.

    Made of durable-looking, high-quality white plastic. The lower half of the headband - the stabilizer and head rest - is made of a rubberized (or rubber) compound, mounted on a plastic base.

    The “stabilizer” bends and extends perfectly, does not press on its head, perfectly supports the speakers themselves at the “right” level and generally behaves quietly and inconspicuously, there is not the slightest complaint to this detail.

    For the overall design - a solid four. For degrees of freedom, resizing and fit on the head - three with a plus, no more. On the other hand, it is difficult to wear such headphones so that they do not sit well on your head, so the overall impression of the design is rather positive. In addition, all the fasteners look quite reliable.

    The ear pads are O-like, very reminiscent of the Opera icon.

    The coating resembles foam, they are not tightly attached to the speakers, but I would not call them “replaceable”.

    To remove and clean (and they accumulate dirt and any debris “inside” quickly and willingly), it is necessary to pull off the “roller” itself, slightly unscrew the 4 screws, and extend the edge of the upholstery.

    To be worn in the reverse order.

    The pressure on the head from the side of the speakers is moderate, does not cause discomfort even after a few hours in the headphones. Noise isolation - in the top three, the environment is perfectly audible (it’s not realistic to use the metro at all), but it misses the other way worse.

    Sound characteristics are average, there is no clearly pronounced tendency to flood the user with bass or high frequencies, the sound is moderately juicy and sufficiently detailed for headphones in this price range. In general, the perception of sound is a purely subjective thing, so all of the above are personal sensations that may differ from opinions and spherical equestrian vacuum measurements.

    The kit includes headphones themselves, a fixed short wire, a separate microphone, clinging to clothes and an extension cable. Unfortunately, their pictures disappeared somewhere, and I gave the headphones to my brother in another city. :(

    On the Yandex market, they ask for an average of 1700 rubles for such a set , which is very humane, considering the good quality of the headphones themselves. They want a little more for the HD version, the price tag starts with2100 rubles.


    The second on the list are unusual headphones of the “designer” Chao line from the same Tt eSPORTS.

    Appearance gives them the work of a Korean company, but there are people who like this design.

    I had a “golden” version on the test, on the official website you can look at other color options.

    Half-closed earphones are attached to the head by swivel brackets, the brackets themselves have two degrees of freedom.

    It is said, maybe not very, but in the photo everything is clear.

    The headband, most likely, on the basis of a plastic arc, is covered with black leatherette with a red stitching from above, and the net color is red below.

    Inside is something soft. The speaker housing is made of soft-touch plastic, ear pads in the form of a “donut”, non-replaceable (or rather, maybe replaceable, but I did not dare to remove them, and I do not advise you).

    The small diameter of the headband, fully rotary speakers and a compact design make it easy to take headphones with you - at any time you can hang them around your neck (and they will not interfere there) or put them in your backpack / bag, they do not ask for much space when folded.

    From the point of view of reproduced sound - the parameters are above average, the whole spectrum of frequencies sounds good, the sound is detailed, clear, the volume margin is sufficient to “shout” the metro, the sound insulation suffers in both directions, but the volume margin more than corrects this.

    The cable is detachable, in the kit there are two of them at once. The first is relatively short, red, straight. The second - “twisted”, a la wire at the telephone handset. In addition, in the box were an adapter for a “serious” 6.3mm jack and a strange adapter for a “double” input. As suggested in the comments - under the audio output in airplanes. Here it is, caring for the user and attention to detail.

    This model also has a younger brother - an external microphone. I did not find any features other than a 360-degree crocodile and a mute button.

    The microphone, no matter how ridiculous it may sound, just works, and makes it not much better / worse than the similar model Shocker Spin. I think the filling there is the same.

    It connects through a standard 3.5mm audio jack.

    For Chao on the Yandex Market they ask about 2,800 rubles. Editing signatures have not yet appeared, the price tag, I think, will be slightly higher.

    Shock one

    The third headset is the Tt eSPORTS Shock, which, perhaps, of all the ThermalTake headsets, I liked the most. And this is just a headset, and not a set of headphones + microphone.

    The Shocks themselves are connected via USB, so using them with a player or smartphone is no longer so easy.

    A separate device appears among the audio devices, so that Skype and some other applications can be assigned a default preset for a call specifically to the headset, and not to the speakers.

    Headphone design pleases simplicity and thoughtfulness. The headband is plastic with a metal base.

    The outer surface is made of glossy black plastic; the manufacturer’s logo flaunts in the middle. The back side is a hybrid of a matte plastic surface and a soft lining in the “working” zone: to make the head softer. Adjustment - only one, according to the "departure length" of the right and left earphones.

    The speakers themselves are mounted on a hinge with one degree of freedom: they easily fold “in” for transportation, and the headset fits easily into any backpack or bag, without taking up space three times as much as it needs. She is far from compact to Chao's compactness, but the product is also more ... stationary or something.

    The speaker casing is red with a black "mesh", the ear cushions are trapezoidal, interchangeable.

    In the set - “smooth” (from leatherette) and “shaggy” (from material resembling foam rubber, they are slightly smaller in size).

    The replacement mechanism is quite reliable - the latches do not look “disposable”.

    It sits well on the head, the ear “holds” perfectly, although the headset may not seem the most comfortable for owners of large ears.

    With my "average" - everything is ok. The "platform" itself, to which a removable module with a soft lining is attached, has some "freedom" in all planes, providing even a small, but auto-fit "over the ears."

    On the left side of the headphones is a built-in microphone. Its shape perfectly complements the overall “angular” design, and in case of uselessness it can be easily cleaned “up” and becomes like an antenna or some other high-tech stray, good appearance predisposes.

    Its body, with the exception of the base, is made of some very soft rubberized plastic. He does not hold the bend form, smoothly returning to the "original" position, however, his initial position in the "combat" mode does not interfere with the review or in any other way, and, in addition, it provides excellent audibility. And flexibility provides good protection against falls.

    The winding of the wire is woven, on the wire itself there is a remote control responsible for the reproduced volume, instantly mute the microphone / sound. There is a clothespin on the back of the remote control, and the side edge contains sliding switches for locking the buttons and backlight. On (or off) - “Tt” logos located on the outside of the speakers.

    Sounding - pronounced “headset” - priority for voice communication and clarity of sound to the detriment of reliability. However, we didn’t buy linear monitors, but a gaming headset. The feeling of stereo is enhanced, the sound perfectly conveys the direction in those applications that support "three-dimensional" sound. The microphone is not suitable for professional recording, but nine out of ten points is suitable for communication in skype, game chats and all similar user cases. The voice is transmitted clearly and without noticeable distortion, but the noise reduction is absolutely not configured, however, the standard settings are pretty good.

    Yandex market gives an average price tag of 2,600 rubles. Well, the device is not bad, and the price is quite reasonable.


    The remaining two headsets are the products of Creative, which everyone should remember well - it has long been on the computer sound market and was one of the first to come to it.

    Creative SoundBlaster Omega and Rage are devices of different generations (2011 and 2012), in addition, Omega has several delivery options. In my test, there was a wireless version of Rage (there is a more “classic” one - with a wire), and Omega was presented with a version of Tactic Wireless, with an external wireless module, stand, microphone and the ability to work in wire mode + work with modern game consoles.

    I’ll start the description, perhaps, from it, since the new version - Rage differs in terms of characteristics minimally, but the support for the consoles, if I didn’t get lost, disappeared.

    So, Omega. A review of such a version (with an external sound card) was already on Habré , so you can also get acquainted with it as you read this material. Well, the headphones themselves, of course, are premium: the box is huge, the equipment is rich, and the possibilities are simply indecent. Almost all of the following in terms of constructive and mechanics of the case is also true for her "daughter", so that she will flash on the pictures. Omega is blue and black, Rage is red so as not to get confused.

    The kit includes: a wireless module, a power cable, a cable for connecting to consoles, a cable for connecting in a “wired” mode to a computer.

    The headphones themselves are made of matte black plastic with translucent speaker covers. The headband is on a metal base, the “working” zone has a very soft lining, on the outside there is a glossy recessed logo.

    The headphones have two degrees of freedom - the rotation of the "cup" of the speakers and the adjustment of the "length".

    Ear pads - rectangular in shape with rounded corners, on the left speaker - all controls and a microphone, the right one is not burdened with buttons and interfaces.

    The power port and the "incoming" wire are hidden under one convenient rubber plug. The microphone is the most ordinary one, on a flexible corrugated leg, with a “shaggy” ball at the end.

    The microphone itself is easily removable, at the base - an ordinary 3.5mm mini-jack.

    By chance, he cannot fall out, the connector is quite tight.

    Of the available buttons, control is on, volume (it does not allow you to smoothly change the volume while holding the corresponding button, you have to click to the point of insanity, “low” engineers for this shortcoming), but “mute” for the microphone. There is also a micro-button Reset, but you just can’t press it.

    The headset sits well on the head, the number of adjustments makes it easy to adjust it to fit your needs.

    The sound is “hybrid”, on the one hand - the emphasis on voice communication and clarity of transmitted speech, on the other hand - good sounding music, movies and just the sounds of games / applications. This cannot be attributed to minuses or pluses unambiguously, but universality, as a rule, is achieved by the deterioration of “extreme” characteristics, so you should not expect ideal behavior in all cases. On the other hand, for such a product and wireless data transfer, the sound quality is more than decent.

    It is worth noting that Omega has quite powerful software in the kit, which allows you to configure the sound transmission in a fairly flexible way, there are special effects, and an equalizer, and there isn’t anything.

    The headset price fluctuates around the mark of 6,000 rubles. And you know, it's worth it.

    The second side dish - Rage - is an evolutionary continuation of the ideas embodied in Omega.

    The headphones have become significantly lighter (about a third), they work longer on a single charge, and their wireless module no longer resembles a fumigator, a USB hub and a stand for a mug.

    A modest flash drive with an LED is much better than the ridiculous thing that stood at the previous headset. In addition, the model is much stronger (about 100%) focused on users of PCs and laptops (including Apple).

    Having sacrificed rich functionality for interacting with game consoles (who knows, they can release Rage in the “extended” version), Creative's achieved significant design relief, which for the better affected their wearing comfort. If the Omega at first seems heavy and pressing on the head, then the Fury does not have such a problem. The design has not undergone significant changes, except that the color scheme has changed, and in the "windows" you can now choose the glow color and the intensity of the ripple.

    Another nice modification - the volume control is changed. True, he now has a new disease - the sound of “peep-peep” for each scrollable division.

    The software, which is responsible for setting up the headset, has been significantly updated and its functionality has become significantly richer, but we are not considering software buns here, but I’ll better talk about Omega and Rage software separately in the near future.

    In terms of sound, the difference is more likely software than hardware - the speakers are the same, their characteristics are completely the same.

    There are no Rage prices yet. :(

    Perhaps it's time to take stock?

    Instead of a conclusion

    Shock Spin HD:
    Options - medium: headphones, microphone, cable remote.
    The sound is neutral: a fairly uniform sound over the entire range, maybe a little lacking;
    Noise isolation - low: you and you are perfectly audible;
    Noise canceling at the microphone - is absent: even if it is stated somewhere, no special manifestations of its existence were detected;
    The construct is simple, a minimum of adjustments, auto-adjustment "in height", they do not fold, do not rotate, if they hang on the neck - they prevent you from turning your head, but they sit on your head very successfully and do not press.

    На яндекс-маркете за подобный набор просят в среднем 1700 рублей, что весьма гуманно, учитывая неплохое качество самих наушников. За вариант HD хотят чуть больше, ценник начинается с 2100 рублей.

    Chao Dracco:
    The package bundle is good: headphones, two interchangeable cables, adapters to other connectors, a microphone sold separately;
    The sound is neutral: quite clear, rich and clear sound for headphones for such money, the volume margin is not bad;
    Noise isolation is average: they block the noise of the street, but the sound goes out "quite" easily;
    Noise canceling at the microphone - is absent: even if it is stated somewhere, no special manifestations of its existence were detected;
    The construct is successful, the headphones look quite reliable, despite their ... so to speak, “original” appearance. The abundance of adjustments makes wearing comfortable, and the headphones themselves fold easily for storage and transfer in a bag / backpack.

    For Chao on the Yandex Market they ask about 2,800 rubles. Editing signatures have not yet appeared, the price tag, I think, will be slightly higher.

    Shock One: The
    package bundle is good: a headset, a microphone on them, interchangeable ear pads;
    Sound - “headset”: emphasis on voice communications and sound positioning in games;
    Noise isolation - average: the sounds of the house and the window are blocking the street, they were not tested on the street;
    The noise reduction at the microphone is average: the sound is transmitted clean and clear, excellent volume margin and overall quality is adequate for the price;
    Constructive - successful: the headphones sit well on the head, look reliable enough and fold up to carry.

    Яндекс-маркет выдаёт средний ценник в 2 600 рублей. Ну что ж, девайс-то неплохой, и цена вполне умеренная.

    Soundblaster Omega Wireless 3D:
    Options - rich: albeit conditional. Included - stand, wireless module, wires of various formats.
    The sound is “hybrid”: voice transmission at a height, sound transmission in games and films is good, avid audiophiles, as usual, will find something to complain about, but I also liked the model in terms of playing music.
    Noise isolation is sufficient: it drowns out house sounds, it does not interfere with playing and communicating.
    Noise reduction is good: the interlocutor will hear the voice and only it.
    Constructive - for centuries: the model is completely immobile, there are not very many adjustments, but it is absolutely enough to adjust it “under the head”.

    The headset price fluctuates around the mark of 6,000 rubles. And you know, it's worth it.

    SoundBlaster Rage Wireless:
    Options - medium: headset yes wireless module + charging cable.
    Other parameters are similar to Omega.

    The stand you saw on some frames is Tt eSPORTS Hyperion . They gave it to me at the time, I would definitely not buy such a thing for myself. But how I lived before that - I have no idea. Now the headphones are always in place and always hang neatly, rather than wallowing. So if you don’t know what to give to a person - here it is, a thing that few people buy for themselves, and having received it as a gift, a person will remember you a good word a thousand times when he will use it.

    Any typos, inaccuracies and errors I will immediately correct, write to the PM. Well, in the comments, leave your opinion, your experience and stories about your similar models.

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