Apocalypse in a month !? - you need to have time to earn ...

    Everyone perfectly remembers the notorious “how to make a million without doing anything” method called Milliondollarhomepage.com. There were others, which may be somewhat less well-known, but no less valuable from this: destroythispage.com, the story of Kyle MacDonald and his desire to exchange a paper clip for a house, and many others.

    And of course, more than once in my life everyone thought about how to do this as well ... :). Of course, I’m not going to talk about a phenomenal idea that was born in my head and claims to be a million dollars .. or even a million rubles (except Belarusian), but you must admit, we live in a time in which absolutely everything is possible: the onset of 2000 , facebook, Putin, iPhone and ... December 21, 2012.

    There is only a month left and we will find out, or maybe we won’t find out ... what the date is in it. Have you ever thought, but what if electricity disappears, as a phenomenon, what will we all do - programmers, designers, layout designers, trolls, shkolota and other residents of the Internet? Let's go build houses, or hunt animals, pick berries? What professions will be the highest paid in these home-grown TOP-10? Personally, I do not have an answer to this question, but just a month before this really significant date, because in many cultures this year is referred to as a transition period (it’s not clear why), I would like to ask you through the site 211212.by what you, dear readers of Habré think about this?

    Yes, this site was created not without the thought of finding a cool uncle advertiser, and if I see interest in this idea in your comments, I will definitely post all the financial results of this venture on 12/22/12, as well as other stories of the coming month (if this will be possible ). The principle of placing banner ads on the site is based on a classic auction, the minimum bid for advertising for one day is unlimited, as well as the maximum.

    Everyone knows that the main reason for the success of Milliondollarhomepage.com was the publication of a note in The Guardian, without that, I think, no one would have remembered the idea, including the creator himself a week after the launch. The budget of our site is only $ 100, everything is done on the enthusiasm of several people and of the planned actions to promote the site - the main role will be played by sending a press release to domestic and foreign media on a pool of more than 200 sites.

    To develop the site, we used the php framework CodeIgniter, jQuery, jquery.countdown (clockwork), social buttons from pluso.ru (by the way, they have good support), the language definition library that I talked about in this article , and a couple of simple scripts.

    I ask you not to judge strictly the idea itself, we are by no means claiming the title of genius, and I’m sure that many of them had a glimpse of something like that. If you still like our amateur performances, do not forget to post social networks to your page.

    With hope for a brighter future
    Website: 211212.by

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