Spam / virus? Ask to send SMS?

    Hi,% username%
    to Service "SMS spam" Today marks exactly a year. Let me remind you, this is a service that sends fraud messages with their short numbers to content providers.

    Some statistics: almost 5,000 messages from users were received during the year, about 2,000 messages were sent to content providers.

    For the year, the number of messages about sweepstakes, contests, etc. decreased several times. New ways of divorce appeared:
    1. SMS interceptors, direction finders, etc. - it is indicated in small print that the site is gaming
    2. Viruses: Windows blocker, porn banner, etc.
    Accordingly, spam messages are now divided into three categories, with slight differences in content. Letters to content providers go right away. In addition, now you must add a screenshot: aggregators require this as evidence of a violation.

    In addition to the main functionality, another thing appeared:
    1. List of articles describing the types of fraud. In addition to the description, there are recommendations for treatment - if infection with the virus could not be avoided.
    2. “Where does the number come from?” - useful if someone calls you from someone else’s number and pretends to be a friend / brother / son / ... You can quickly check where the number is coming from and which operator, well, report fraudsters. SMS has nothing to do with it, but still.
    3. Checking the cost of SMS- the most valuable addition. The cost for each operator is displayed separately. Of course, not all existing numbers are in the database - I add as much as possible. Write where you can get information.
    4. Statistics - spam texts, screenshots, website addresses are posted. There is a separate selection for the text of the SMS and the short number. These pages are usually accessed through a search, so the link to a “related article” ( example ) hangs on most pages at the top .

    I would like to say a big thank you to the A1Aggregator company , which always promptly responds to messages and fights against scammers, and also sends hate rays towards IncoreMedia and i-Free . There are many complaints to them, but they rarely react.

    Come, write, report - I hope there will be less spam and ransomware viruses.

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