Qiwi for online stores

    Of course, this service is only admirable.

    We are registered in Qiwi as an online store. To access your personal account there is an address ishop.qiwi.ru . To make all payments on our website, the qiwi API is used, which is located at this address ishop.qiwi.ru/xml .

    Today, all this has stopped working (nothing opens, although it responds).
    The support service said that they do not advise on ishop.qiwi.ru where they don’t know what to call and that we can write a letter to support@mobw.ru and should be answered within 5 business days.

    Like this. Now, if someone pays, we won’t know. I'm not talking about withdrawing money.

    kosenka all the same I got through to those support ishop.qiwi.ru, there he was told that
    they know about the problem, but can’t do anything, since the people who are directly responsible for ishop.qiwi.ru are not available right now and will only be on Monday ...

    Comments are redundant.
    UPD 2.
    (03.20.09 between 23 and 24 hours) Hurray, earned.

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