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    I will not talk about the pace and size of the mobile application market, you already know everything perfectly well without me: today it is perhaps the hottest and most dynamic market.
    True, while the development is quite expensive, and naturally, everyone who spent it wants to return this money. And today I will tell you how to do it.

    I present to you AdWired : it is a mobile advertising network with beautiful interactive media banners that work on all major mobile platforms.

    Why is AdWired better than the rest?

    First, you need to figure out what kind of ad networks are. There are two main types - blind (blind networks) and premium (premium networks).

    Blind networks - this is where the advertiser does not know in which applications his banner will appear, and the owner of the application does not know what banners will be in his applications. Examples of such networks are Google AdMob, Begun, Wapstart. Such networks are well suited for those who want to earn a little, but right away. As a rule, they pay for the transition, and the low quality of the banners leads to a small CTR, and as a result - a small but stable income.

    Premium Networks- this is where the advertiser chooses the applications in which he wants to display his banners, and the application owner receives high-quality, beautiful advertising campaigns, and sometimes can even moderate banners. Examples are AdWired, inMobi, Millenial Media. In such networks, advertisers pay for impressions, which allows them to get quality sites significantly more revenue than in blind networks. In addition, attractive and interactive banners show a significantly higher CTR and therefore are very popular with advertisers who come to you again and again.

    AdWired is a premium network. We work with the best brands and agencies on the one hand, and with high-quality, interesting applications on the other. Among our advertisers: BMW, Land Rover, Sberbank, Dove, IBM, Samsung and many others. Among our sites are Forbes, Vedomosti, and many, many more.

    We have several formats, the main ones are a full-screen banner when launching the application, and the standard one with a snap when clicking inside. Various actions are available for banners, from a simple transition to the site to a direct call or installing an application from the store.

    Plus, we’ve prepared some interesting things for app owners:

    Campaign Pre-moderation
    In your account, you can always choose which advertising campaigns are more interesting to you, and show only them. The rest of the time, your application will not show any ads. Or, just accept everything without exception, and earn more.

    Managing your campaigns
    You can independently launch campaigns on your applications, and sell them yourself at your own prices. And we won’t take you a percent of this amount, only a small service charge, which is paid for by traffic (impressions in your applications), and for enterprise solutions there is no service charge at all.

    One window for monetization
    Our SDKsavailable on iOS (iPhone, iPad), Andorid (2+), Windows Phone, Blackberry (6+), Bada and for the mobile web. Therefore, you can monetize all your mobile traffic in one place.

    Analytics and statistics
    In your account, without even showing ads, you can collect and view application usage statistics and share it with your customers.

    How much can you earn?

    The average price for 1000 impressions on our network for a full-screen banner is 750 rubles. If you know the number of active users of your application, this is easy to calculate.

    To be honest, to our (and your) regret, in premium networks usually not sold 100%, but about 40-70% of the traffic. Therefore, we do not promise gold mountains right away and a lot, but if you have a really high-quality application, as our practice shows, there will always be a demand for it!

    Still in doubt?

    If you are already familiar with the topic of monetizing applications through advertising and you already use, for example, AdMob, try the syndication mode - you can show AdMob, and when an expensive advertising campaign comes to you, switching to AdWired will happen automatically.

    And of course, we are always open for cooperation with developers, and we listen to your ideas and suggestions.

    Let's make money together!


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