A set of converters for Livestreet (from CMS Cogear, DLE and WordPress)

    The set is three plugins:

    Plugins will allow you to quickly transfer a site to LiveStreet from CMS Cogear, DLE and WordPress (yes, there are only three, but not all at once) if your site is not very overgrown with improvements and various plugins. And in the case of a sufficiently developed site with a large set of various extensions, using the converter will save time on developing the converter for yourself.

    - users (additional personal blogs are created);
    - topics;
    - comments;
    - tags;
    - static pages (with the activated LS Static Page plugin);
    - images of profile avatars, images in topics and comments

    You can transfer both from one database (tables of two CMS are in the same database) and from different ones (tables of both CMS are in different databases but with the same user).
    After the transfer, users will have to do a password recovery on the new site.

    The launch page of the converter (regardless of the CMS source) is located at _your_site_/ conv The

    converters are tested in working with LiveStreet versions 0.5.1 and 1.0 and the latest releases of CMS Cogear, DLE, WordPress

    - converters from other cms;
    - make the transfer of personal messages;
    - send out new passwords.

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