Left-handed DeathAdder mouse

    The company Razer has released a "left-handed" version of the popular DeathAdder mouse. According to the manufacturer, DeathAdder Left Hand Edition is the first truly ergonomic manipulator for left-handed users.

    In DeathAdder, only the design has changed. Technical specifications remain the same: the resolution of the Razer Precision 3.5G sensor is 3500 dpi, and the polling frequency is 1000 Hz. The minimum sensor response time is 1 ms.

    DeathAdder has five Hyperesponse programmable buttons. For silent sliding on the surface, Teflon legs are provided. The dimensions of the device are 128x70x42.5 mm.

    DeathAdder Left Hand Edition will be on sale just the other day. It will cost $ 60.

    via engadget

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