Drupalogies 1 year!

    Last year, September 26 (the developer’s birthday ), the project “Drupalogy.ru - an exhibition of sites made on Drupal” was launched, on which owners, creators of sites could post their works, and users could evaluate them and add their opinion.

    The first version was low-visited, the sites almost did not comment, although the added sites were rated. There were few categories, but no restrictions.

    The first version of the site

    After some time, many amendments were taken into account and the resource was changed, in addition, he finally got a logo. The most popular image describing the capabilities of Drupal has become the basis for the logo:

    Useful functions were added, such as displaying site rankings in popular search directories, browser support, etc. The design was changed due to new data on the added site.

    The second version of the site

    At the beginning of this year, a second project appeared - the Drupalogia pdf magazine, authored by independent developers who decided to share their knowledge with newcomers. After the zero release, the project began: people did not have time to write articles or reviews. Although the enthusiasm has not exhausted.

    Not so long ago, I almost finished writing the Debian novice user guide, which included several important chapters: installing and configuring the system and LAMP on Debian.

    What awaits this year:

    Exhibition of Drupalogy.ru Sites

    I received a bunch of suggestions for adding “usefulness” sites to the exhibition and selected a few:
    • installation of “template” markers for sites that use paid or free templates (I received about 20 letters with this offer from people independent of each other);
    • the “no longer Drupal” section for sites that have replaced the “engine”.

    Drupalogy Magazine

    • continue his support. I am ashamed to admit, but everything that was planned was stuck in place. There are many authors of the unit. At the earliest opportunity, the publication of the journal will be resumed. Now the site is closed, but the magazine is available for download. At the moment, pdf has been downloaded over 25 thousand times!

    Debian GNU / Linux Starter Web Server Guide

    • will be replenished with materials.

    Labor exchange

    • labor exchange for Drupal developers. The opening is planned in mid-October.


    • for innovations - to users of Drupal.ru , Habrahabr ;
    • for participation - to all authors of the pilot version of the Drupalogiya magazine;
    • for moral support - to all fans of CMS / CMF Drupal .

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