ZFConf 2010 has 2 days left!

    We remind you that the event will be held on March 27 (Saturday) at the LGT Center (St. Petersburg, Moskovsky pr., 143, metro station “Electrosila”).

    Registration will take place from 9 to 10 hours. Come early and take the best places! You can see the detailed schedule of the event on the website .

    During the day, coffee breaks will be held (including during registration). In the middle of the day there will be an hour break in which you can dine at the nearest cafes (a list of them will be given in the handout). The conference will also have a buffet.

    At the moment, the issue of online translation of the conference on the site is being resolved.

    Stay tuned for the latest news:
    RSS feed:feeds.feedburner.com/zfconf
    Twitter: @zfconf
    zendframework.ru: zendframework.ru

    Coordinators (on the day of the event)
    +7 952 221-90-94
    +7 904 333-07-27
    +7 921 384-81-25
    +7 921 358-75-31

    The event is supported by:
    Hosting company Infobox (sponsor)
    First Technopolis

    Technopis in Saint Petersburg (partner) PS: 2 applications were submitted for the upcoming Devconf conference on topics about the Zend Framework and "PHP 5.3 in battle". Now there is a vote and discussion of applications. Let's support George!

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