GNOME Nautilus: Configuring the Main Panel

    Not so long ago, I faced the need to add a button for creating a new tab to the main panel of Nautilus - the GNOME desktop file manager. A search in the settings gave nothing, so I had to rummage through the Internet.

    As a result, I found a solution to this problem, albeit not in a user friendly way.

    The sequence of actions is as follows:

    1. Open any text editor that you like under the root.
    2. Open the file /usr/share/nautilus/ui/nautilus-navigation-window-ui.xml in it
    3. Scroll the file down to the beginning of the section
    4. Add the necessary elements inside this section.
    5. Exit your session and log in again (Log out -> Log in) so that the changes take effect.
    (Note from Torm : you can leave the session, but just restart Nautilus. You can do this, for example, with the killall nautilus command )

    Some explanation

    This file is a regular xml-file (which can be seen from the extension), which can be edited by hand. He is responsible for graphical navigation at Nautilus.

    Section contentsresponsible for filling the panel (as the name implies - toolbar).

    The element itself has the following form:

    For example, in my case with a new tab, I added this line:

    If you want to add a vertical separating stick (separator), you just need to insert an elementamong other elements: Before the heap, I added such elements: I hope this small topic will help people who want to change the panel in Nautilus. Post Scriptum: I did not find a graphical way to customize the elements in the panel.



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