Switzerland plans to unify phone chargers by 2017

    Swiss authorities plan to obligate all mobile device developers to use a single charger by 2017. Despite the fact that the characteristics of a single standard are not mentioned, we can assume that it will be micro USB. Apple will have to abandon its standard in Switzerland, moving to the mentioned standard.

    Besides the fact that Apple has its own standard for connectors, this company also practices the use of DRM software to identify certified cables that sell for $ 19 apiece (Lightning for iPhone 5 and 6).

    Most likely, Apple will not remake its chargers, adapting them to the requirements of the Swiss authorities. Probably, buyers in this country will be offered Lightning-microUSB adapters, which they will put in boxes with phones.

    According to representatives of the Swiss authorities, work on the unification of chargers will be quite active, including the legislative process. The maximum time for completion of all work is mid-2017. The main goal of the ongoing efforts is to minimize the amount of “electronic garbage”. For example, in Europe alone, 51 thousand tons of electronic waste are generated annually.


    Earlier, a similar idea was expressed in the European Union. But in Switzerland they decided to be the first, keeping up with the times and European legislation. Bill " Radio Equipment Directive"sets several goals in the field of" radio equipment. "So, this is to increase the level of equipment safety for users, reduce the likelihood of the influence of different types of equipment on each other, as well as reduce the amount of" electronic garbage "when obsolete devices and accessories massively going to landfills.

    By the way, Switzerland is not part of the European Union, but it is an important trade and financial partner of the Eurozone.

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